Towards a Psychological Practice of the Future

The Mind Medicine Institute is for therapists, clinicians and students of consciousness that are seeking to move beyond partial paradigms towards a unified model of human development. 

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Mind Medicine Institute is an independent training and consultancy organisation dedicated to the development of leading edge clinical training in a wide range of areas connected to mental health. Mind Medicine Institute (MMI) has emerged from the charitable work of Mind Medicine Australia and is dedicated to supporting the betterment of humanity through helping individual minds heal.


MMI is in partnership with world renowned experts and leading thinkers in the mental health field to develop and offer trainings at the forefront of clinical practice. We offer trainings locally and internationally to clinicians who are dedicated to exploring new frontiers in best practice. 

Among its offerings MMI has developed the first systematic clinical training for mental health professionals in psychedelic-assisted therapy in the Asia Pacific. The MMI Certificate in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy (CPAT) has been described as the best clinical training in the world on ABC Radio National by Professor David Nutt of Imperial College London.

MMI consultancy is involved in the support and development of clinical trials throughout Australia by providing expertise and training for professionals.

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“The most engaging, interesting and enjoyable course I have attended.”

Dr Eoin Wilson, Psychiatrist, NSW

"The course to date has been priceless and an invaluable opportunity to be a part of the medicine work moving into the future. I cannot recommend it highly enough!"

Jon Hart, Psychologist, QLD

Our Approach


Mind Medicine Institute is committed to integrating and exploring new frontiers in clinical practice by drawing together knowledge from a wide range of disciplines such as psychology, psychiatry, psychotherapy, neuroscience, cognitive science, anthropology, philosophy of mind, and eastern contemplative practices.

It is our mission to explore, develop and teach the best approaches to fostering mental health and wellness in the world through:

Engaging a leading international faculty
Commitment to working in an ethical and legal framework
Utilising and supporting continual evidence-based practice and research
Continuous improvement of our own practices and approach

MMI seeks to develop a broad school approach to clinical practice which offers the inclusion of a wide variety of clinical models by recognising the specific and common utility of all approaches.

We believe that an understanding of the process of reorganisation of mind is key to preparation and integration of these medicines in clinical use.

Our work


MMI develop and deliver specialist clinical training in a variety of areas.

Our aim is to improve outcomes for patients through supporting the development of real-world clinical practice. We do this by:

  • Offering trainings in psychedelic-assisted therapy, adult attachment repair, metacognitive focused treatment, depth psychology and integrative approaches to trauma practice
  • Delivering content online and in person, both nationally and internationally
  • Using best-practice psychotherapeutic and behavioural interventions in an integrative patient-focused context 

MMI welcomes medically trained professionals, psychologically trained professionals, psychotherapists and suitably qualified allied health workers into our trainings. 

We believe that inclusion of professionals from different disciplines provides the broadest and most fertile ecology for the growth of the mental health field.

Our principles

Mind Medicine Institute’s mission is guided by the principals of:



We believe that clinical work is contingent on the integrity of the clinician. We seek to exemplify integrity as a guiding principle by which to live and work.



Clinically Focussed

MMI is focused on real-world clinical application and utility. All our programs are designed to be applied and utilised in the complex space of psychological practice, across the myriad of setting and contexts that this entails.



Best Practice

A central value in our work is to develop trainings that utilise best practice principles. This means our programs seek to:

• Provide the best available approaches to practice which minimize the risk of harm and maximize the likelihood of benefit 

• Draw heavily, though not exclusively, on peer-reviewed, scientific research and evidence

• Focus on respect for the dignity and autonomy of clients and patients




We endeavour to support and cultivate systemic and inter-systemic perspectives that acknowledge the interconnected quality of life and the reciprocity inherent in this idea.

We seek to support relational development within the individual, the familial system, society and the ecosphere.




A central principle in our work is to contextualise human life as a process of development in the broadest possible sense. We seek to offer a means of understanding human life from conception through to enlightenment and everything in between. This formation of a meta-view of development allows our work to draw together a wide variety of approaches which all have their place in clinical endeavours.

“I have completed various higher education qualifications, as well as the less formal experiential retreats and personal development courses, from the quirky, to the evidence based. The CPAT provides a holistic framework that encapsulates a strong academic approach and faculty with a truly authentic therapeutic model. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the CPAT is life-changing.”

Kelly Rae, Psychotherapist, NSW

“The CPAT has exceeded all expectations I had when I applied. I highly recommend this course to anyone in the field. The expertise and networking are second to none. I feel part of something that will change the future of mental health in Australia.”

Vasileios Tsaikalis, Psychotherapist, NSW

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We welcome medically trained professionals, psychologically trained professionals, psychotherapists and suitably qualified allied health workers into our training. 

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