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Why does Mind Medicine Institute exist and who is it for? 

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Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy


Mind Medicine Institute (MMI) is a training, consulting and therapeutic support organisation that has arisen from the charitable work of Mind Medicine Australia. MMI is committed to training mental health professionals in the application of psychedelic-assisted therapy (PAT) in an ethical and clinically responsible way. 


While psychedelic and empathogenic medicines remain prohibited in Australia, there is significant ongoing clinical research into their application for mental health issues which include PTSD, depression, anxiety, eating disorders and addiction. 

This research is consistent with international research trials that are being conducted under ethical and well governed research procedures, showing considerable promise for these types of medicines. 

While the United States is set to expand the use of MDMA as early as 2023, opportunities continue to emerge in Australia in the trial space and through Special Access pathways as we wait for the rescheduling of these medicines.  

MMI offer training and consultancy services that address the rising interest in psychedelic-assisted therapy. MMI consultancy is involved in the support and development of clinical trials throughout Australia by providing expertise and training for professionals.

Certificate of Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy (CPAT)

Duration: 16 weeks

CPAT has been termed the best clinical training in the world for PAT by Professor David Nutt of Imperial College London. It seeks to provide a thorough going training for clinicians using a variety of medicines. The program draws on the wold’s leading clinicians and researchers as well as national leaders in the field. This training serves as the gold standard for psychedelic-assisted therapy training.

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“This weekend was the most rounded professional development I can remember doing – I felt nourished in mind, soul and body. Not usually a networker, I surprised myself by connecting with many people that I am sincerely looking forward to meeting again and hopefully working with in the future. Even though the programme was intense, I feel inspired not exhausted; I think this is because there was such a supportive and empathic group of facilitators and participants.”

Dr Ria Leonard, Psychiatrist, NSW

“I’m a GP working in adolescent mental health. The calibre of the presenters and facilitators has been absolutely amazing and way beyond my expectations. Thank you so much for everything you and Peter are doing to bring these much needed medicines to the Australian mental health system. What you have achieved so far is awe-inspiring.”

Dr Phoebe Collyer, GP, NSW

Fundamentals of Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy

Duration: 4 weeks (1.5 hours per week)

A short online course offering to introduce participants to psychedelic-assisted therapy and is suitable for both professionals and the public.

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“This is drawing together so many threads of study and experience for me. I have appreciated your acknowledgement of the importance of establishing an understanding and familiarity with the experience of grounded-ness as a foundation for an altered-states experience so that it can be fully integrated in a helpful way.”

Nikki Knighton, Occupational Therapist, Victoria

“Thank you. A very interesting and enlightening session. I’ve been exploring post-formal development from the perspective of an educator, and I find the parallels very insightful. See you next week for the final session. Thanks for sharing that process with us. Very useful!!”

Deborah Matta, Social Worker, SA

Certificate of Attachment Repair in Adults

Duration: 8 weeks (3 hours per week, total of 32 hours)

A complete training in the repair of attachment disturbance in adults. Over 30% of adults suffer from attachment disorder. This training is designed for therapists and mental health workers dealing with adults with issues of attachment, including psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and counsellors. Focusing on the 3-Pillars approach to adult attachment developed by Dr Daniel P. Brown of Harvard Medical School and Dr David Elliot. This training represents a gold standard approach in attachment training for clinicians.

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Certificate of Transpersonal Psychology and Holotropic Breathwork

Duration: 12 months

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Certificate of Metacognitive Psychotherapy

Duration: 16 weeks (3 hours per week)

This program utilises a variety of approaches within the emerging field of metacognitive focused psychotherapy, drawing on the work of Dr Mary Main, Dr Peter Fonagy, Dr Anthony Bateman, Dr Jon Allen, Dr Giancarlo Dimaggio and Dr Dan Brown.

Students will explore the role of metacognitive assessment and formulation as well as develop clear skills and orientation to applying metacognitively informed clinical skills to a variety of patient groups.

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Counselling Skills for Medical Practitioners

Duration: 2 days

Given the rise of demand for mental health services, many medical practitioners are seeking training that can improve their capacity to work with clients presenting with mental health issues. This intensive short course is designed to help medical practitioners gain a sound understanding of the rudimentary skills required in counselling practice, such as reflective listening, empathetic responding, attending skills and appropriate challenging skills. This course to support their everyday practice and mental health related work. The training is run in person with expert clinicians and is perfect for practitioners seeking CPD and to support their everyday mental health related work in their everyday practice.

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